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How to post an item for sale

1. Click on the 'Create Topic' button.

2. In the Subject Line - Put a brief description of your item and the desired sale price
Road Stem - $40  or  Old Tires - FREE

3. In the Body enter as detailed a description as you like. Please describe the item, its condition, light/heave use, scratches, the normal stuff you would do on eBay. Include how you would like to be paid, ca$h, PayPal, Veemo, Bitcoin, etc. Don't forget about delivery, how will you and the buyer make the trade? Shipping costs, meet somewhere, etc.

4. Take some pictures, be sure to show the flaws. Take your pictures in good light where someone else can see what you are trying to sell. Good pictures sell items faster and at a better price! Get these pictures from your phone and on to your Mac/PC. Please make sure these pictures are not some crazy big size, the should be in the <5mb range. NOTE: HEIC files from an iPhone will not upload. Resave as a png or jpg.

5. Click the 'Choose files' button. Select the pictures you want to be included. You should see a small preview of the image below the Choose files button. You can upload as many as 20 images. Not that you should, but you could.

6. Review your work. Would someone else understand what you are trying to sell? Is the price fair? How badly do you want rid of it?

7. Click the 'Subscribe to' checkbox and select the frequency. This will send you an email when someone posts a response.

8. Click the 'Create' button.

NOTE: You can always come back and edit the post if you find an error.

9. Once the item has sold, please edit the post to indicate.
Road Stem - SOLD

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