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FWBA Rides vs. Non FWBA Rides

Tue, April 02, 2019 9:41 AM | Danny Brigance (Administrator)

Did you know our website offers 2 different ride calendars?

Check it out: https://www.fwbaclub.org/

When you select the FWBA RIDE CALENDAR at the top, the choice to view the NON-FWBA RIDE CALENDAR also appears.  Toggle back and forth to see all the rides.

What’s the difference between the 2 ride calendars?

Recently there has been an increase of bike ride events independent of FWBA sponsored rides. While increased opportunities to ride are welcome, it has led to some confusion as it relates to FWBA Rides vs. Non FWBA Rides.  The differences have been defined below:

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Non FWBA Rides (put on by organizations or businesses; bike shop rides, fondos, mayors rides, etc)

* will be posted on the NON-FWBA Ride Calendar

* are organized by the organization or business

* will provide their own ride leaders

* will provide their own registration and waiver process

* anyone can help out at these events, however these are not FWBA sponsored rides

FWBA Rides (put on by individual members not associated with any businesses or organizations)

* will be posted on the FWBA Ride Calendar

* will have an assigned FWBA ride leader

* will require registration prior, and at event if not preregistered

* will require waiver for non-club riders

* provides access to our Ride with GPS account

* provides turn by turn navigation when using a cell phone

* provides ride information such as who is attending

* provides rest stops on remote rides

The ride choice is Yours - Be Safe and Enjoy the Ride!

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