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ACTION REQUIRED - FWBA Board Members Needed

Sun, March 05, 2023 11:56 AM | Stephen White (Administrator)
  •  Want to be Involved with the FWBA Board?

    Well, what does the board do? The board helps set the course for the club, pays the bills, and helps with all the events you enjoy with the club. There wouldn’t be a club in its present form without a board. The club has had a board since inception.

    We didn’t have elections for 2023. Many things contributed to this mis-step, but we’re going to remedy the situation quickly. Generally, a nominating committee would take several months to ask who may be interested, make a bunch of phone calls, and make recommendations to the board. Given its already March, we’re going to accelerate the process a bit.  We have an interim board in place consisting of 2022 members. 2023 elections will be held on March 25.

    If you are interested in serving on the FWBA board, now is your time to raise your hand. The board has a wide range of roles and responsibilities to suit any interest. The time involved is minimal.

    All Board positions are available.

  • President – Establish direction for the club and support the established goals.
  • Vice President – Assists the other board members, fills in for President as neede
  • Ride Director – Responsible for scheduling rides, ride leaders and maintenance of the web site. Probably the busiest of the board members.
  • Treasurer – Maintains the financial aspects of the club.
  • Communications Director – Responsible for all communications for the club, Facebook, IG, notifications, etc.
  • Special Events Director – Responsible for planning and scheduling the club’s special events. Austin to Ft Worth, Club Picnic, Christmas Party, Ft Davis, Leakey, etc.
  • Secretary – Responsible for recording the events during board meetings and making the minutes available, assisting other board members.
  • There has been some discussion on the relevance of some of the board seats. The positions were created 20+ years ago, not all may be relevant today.

    Also consider that a board member can ask for help, form committees, have an assistant, whatever is needed to achieve the goal. It is not a one person show. No heroics required.

    The interim board positions are now:

President – Stephen White
Ride Director – Danny Brigance
Treasurer – Cindy Edmison
Special Events Director – Susan Pogue
Communications Director – Vernon Leonard

If you are interested in talking to anyone about a position, have questions, or want to volunteer, you can reach out to any of the interim board members, Larry Strong or Francis Fox, using your favorite method of communication.

Thank You

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