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EHCT 2023 is ON - Need STAFF Volunteers to REGISTER!!

Sat, December 17, 2022 11:33 PM | Steve Gray (Administrator)

1) FWBA is hosting the 50th & Final Easter Hill Country Tour (EHCT) on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 7 - 9, 2023.

As we say... "It's been a GREAT ride!" FIFTY years of the Hill County's best cycling. Miles and miles of Bluebonnets, breath-taking vistas, lung & leg scorching hills.... neither rain nor snow nor hail has kept us from our appointed rounds! But all such things must eventually pass into the Halls of Great Cycling Memories, and EHCT 's bittersweet time has come. Come join us for the last time to make this final year a GREAT send-off!

Ride Registration Opens Monday 12/19 - JUST IN TME FOR CHRISTMAS!

Please forward/repost to any of your other cycling friends, groups, clubs, or social media!

2) We need volunteers to provide the staffing for this final labor of love!

FWBA leaders have stepped up to coordinate all of the support areas. Most of you know how truly fun that is for EHCT. Please sign up at this free STAFF REGISTRATION link to help out!

Steve Gray, FWBA EHCT 2023 Ride Director

PS - As a member of the EHCT family, you may wonder why will this be the final EHCT?

As you probably know, Easter Hill Country Tour was started by a 4-club partnership that rotated leadership annually. So each partner produced EHCT every 4 years. This division of labor worked well for over 40 years, but by 2019 the team was down to 1 club - Ft Worth Bicycling Association. We partnered with Schreiner University and Hill Country Bike Store to move the leadership role to Kerville, who successfully carried EHCT through through the post-Covid re-opening. After review of those 2 years, they have advised us that this level of commitment is unsustainable. Similarly, FWBA, in spite of our long-standing love of EHCT, cannot sustain this event annually from 250 miles away. We have decided that we will lead this one final time to close out a memory-filled 50-year run with the many, many friends we have made over the years!

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