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Fort Worth Parade of Lights

  • Sun, November 19, 2017
  • 3:30 PM
  • Ft Worth, Tx


Registration is closed

Contact Information

Cindy Edmison
(817) 675-2944

Come participate in the 2017 Ft Worth Parade of Lights.

Lets have a holly joy time, make some new friends, catch up with old friends. 

The FWBA participates in this event annually and we are going to do it again this year. We need at least 30 FWBA members in their red or green club jersey to join in the parade.  No Santa suits please per parade rules.  

Please decorate your bike with lights!!! Battery operated led lights can be found at Wal Mart, Big Lots, & Target have the best supply, but they go fast. Shop online as well. It is always fun to see such different ideas of creativity.  Lets sparkle and shine. 

This is open to all the other cycling clubs as well. We welcome all.

Walking Units & Bicycles -require minimum 50 lights per individual.

Speed is a rolling coast.  A mountain bike, or cruiser works very well for those who do not like to put anything on the race pony.  If you drop your seat where you can walk your bike seated this works out well. The only hill is getting back to parking lot.  A head light and tail light are recommended for return trip back to parking lot. 

Bring your kids, or grand kids along, enjoy the fun. We have a staging wait so snacks and drinks might be advisable. It gets cold standing around waiting to take off so even if it is warm before the sun goes down, temps usually drop and with the wind it gets cold.

Meet at the southeast corner of the First United Methodist Church Parking Lot at 7th and Henderson Street at 3:30 PM. We have to pay for parking now so cash would be handy.

 We are #19 in line

2017 -Staging Directions:  



YOUR DIRECTIONS TO GET THERE: Stage on Burnett Street north of Weatherford Street - see staging captain

Participant and Volunteer Parking:


Parking is available in three locations, all within easy walking distance of the staging areas. Passes are not needed at any of these garages, but they may fill up quickly. Please note if you have additional vehicles needing access to the staging area to prepare your float, please remove those vehicles to the garage parking locations prior to 5:00 PM.

  • ·        Tower Garage – this garage is located between Taylor and Lamar Streets, with entrances on 4th Street and 5th Street. Parking is free. It’s about a five-block walk to Weatherford Street. Weatherford Street
  • ·        Sundance Square Parking Garage III – this is located on 3rd Street at Taylor Street, and the entrance ramp is on 3rd Street. Parking is free.
  • ·        Tarrant County Parking Garage – this garage is located at 601 Weatherford Street between Cherry Street and Burnett Street, and the entrance is on Weatherford Street. Large vehicles are not allowed into the garage. Parking is free. NOTE: This garage access will close at 4:30 PM. In addition, you will NOT be able to exit this garage until the parade has concluded and Weatherford Street has been opened by the Fort Worth Police Department.

Drop off:

Drop off for parade participants is located at 801 Weatherford Street, on the north side of Weatherford Street between Henderson and Florence Streets. PLEASE do not attempt to enter the staging areas for drop off. Participants must be dropped off no later than 4:00 PM.

Weather look to be cool High 65 low 45, dress in warm layers.  When sun goes down and the wind blows downtown it gets cold.

We are early in line # 19 so we will finishes before everyone starts to leave.  Dinner a Rodeo Goat, they have plenty of seating but parking is always a pain.

Ride start location

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